Celebrity Buzz: Jon and Kate’s Public Train Wreck Continues | Lifetime

How long will we have to wait for “Jon & Kate Plus 8”? And babies, babies, babies! Which Hollywood stars are ‘spectin’ and which are “I’ll believes it when I sees …


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Celebrity Buzz: Jon and Kate’s Public Train Wreck Continues | Lifetime

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  1. @MeltnButta now, now, it's not nice to project your own assholeness on someone else. just because you're a cunt yourself doesn't make it okay for you to pass judgement on other people. tsk tsk. oh, and i'm sure Kate Gosselin really gives two cents and a flying rat's ass what you think of her.

  2. I wonder if she watches the previous shows and realize just how awful she talked to him at times. Don't get me wrong, alot of times he was acting like her 9th child, but that didn't give her the right to yell and humiliate him in public non-stop, that's what shes teaching her children to act like towards their husbands?

  3. how in the fuck you call urself talking to jon like tht!! who the hell r u!! i mean if i married a bitch like that and she was still bitching tht long!! ur lucky that he didn't just shot that bitch!! you see all she does is BITCH!!! so let me tell you what she could've done!! HEll let me tell you what ALL WOMEN CAN DO IN A CASE LIKE THIS!!! SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!

  4. I just read this comment about this video well first of all she has changed dramatically she use to b a plain Jane as soon as she got a little piece of fame she immediately turned into this vindictive woman.And yes they have 8 kids, together Jon is their father just as Kate is their mother so u can't put it all on one person when it come to taking care of the kids they do that together. Some problems can b worked out and some can't but as long as she's got an attitude likt that she will b lonely

  5. I really wish people like this would stop making it harder for those of us that are true christians. First: Jesus spread a message of love. He was the one to say let he among us without sin cast the first stone. Second: sex is not a sin when you are married. in fact it is highly encouraged. I would appriciate it if you would discontinue slandering the name of my savior. I'll pray for you.
    P.S. haven't you ever heard the saying love the sinner hate the sin?

  6. mmmm "always" i have only heard of gosselin and price, both of whom were complete bitches who cared little about their kids while the fathers did (a slight bit more) …maybe thats why 2 women got "demonized" name me a few others….

  7. Why is it always the woman who is demonized? If you only knew how many hormonal changes a woman goes through in a life time, I know you would think differently. I takes a guy 5 seconds to make a baby and a woman 9 months to complete it. Shame on you name callers!

  8. are you an idiot she had ivf and having sex outside of marriage is not a sin its fun. the only bad influence on our children is bible bashers like you so get over yourself and read a few sex ed books.

  9. Noboby cares about these people. They are only popular because the media promotes them, and the moronic people in America believe what they're fed. Pisses me off. The fact that people support these ludicrous reality shows really fucking pisses me off.

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