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Celebrity Big Brother UK 2016 – Pre Eviction Highlights January 22

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  1. My goodness, Stephanie is a raging mess!! Tiffany all day every day ❤ Gemma is fun to watch too… honestly I think that from watching this show that people from the UK are ultra sensitive and get upset over the most trivial of things.. I would have a headache if I lived there from all these stupid meltdowns Lord

  2. Of all the people to talk about someone being ashamed of the way they’re acting on tv, Stephanie should be the very last person to speak. GIRL!!!! You are cheating on your man on National tv, don’t clean up after yourself and are a brat! She should be the last person saying that someone else’s behaviour is embarrassing 🙄😒

  3. fucking lazy fat bitch cant participate in anything. all she does is lay in bed yet she thinks shes the only entertainment on show… ctfu I want someone to smack miss piggy straight in the face. its not fair tht every one loses shit bc of her but when they win stuff she reaps the rewards. she shouldn't be allowed to take any of the rewards and tht is messed up tht ppl paid to vote her in jail n she didn't do it. lazy bitch.

  4. Dislike Gemma for valid reasons, like the fact that she keeps causing the house to fail challenges or bc she whines about shallow things, not bc she's overweight or bc she contradicts herself, jesus

  5. Let me get this right, Gemma thought she was pregnant but then realised she wasn't because she got her period. But then she said it would have been confusing to figure out who the baby daddy was because 3-4 months before she was sleeping with someone other than her boyfriend. So in essence she hasn't had a period for 4 months?

  6. I wish someone would just go to Steph's face and call her a two timing slut! She thinks she is high and mighty and talks all this shit but no one ever says anything to her. Ugh.

  7. and it seems like that steph girl and Jeremy are together for the perks ..a good 15 mins when they get outta the house . The two together equals more papz and more deals…I see right threw it. pretty pathetic honestly! and she's so young but has Botox and major lip injections ..oh and eye lash extensions ..come on women be confident without buying your body parts! secondly why are these ppl who have plenty of money wanting more money? in America if any kind of "celeb" a list to d list were on a game show to win money it's always straight to a charity all of it..smh Shane shame

  8. I started watching this just to see how it was..and with Tiffany aka New York also being in the house lol..I don't no English "celebs" so I don't no any of these ppl but oh my gosh lol Gemma cracks me up..she 100 percent thought she felt a baby ha! wow..and then that Stephanie chick is young stop settling all the time learn to truly love yourself first..and she's annoying fake and kkinda slutty..she's starving for attention . Always doing the most

  9. I'm so unsure as of why Gemma was always talking about Stephanie having a boyfriend, and what she's doing is wrong by messing around with Jeremy, but after the pregnancy test, she said that she may have been unsure of who the baby's father was because she was seeing someone else even when she had a boyfriend.

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