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Celebrity Big Brother UK 2015 – Highlights Show January 29

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  1. Katie H has a major complex against Americans. I think it is deeper than just what insults she throws out. That’s why she makes sure to try using being American as a negative dig at people, except it’s not an insult, it’s actually good to be American, so she loses every time lol….

  2. Perez looks exactly like Mark David Chapman, and the similarities don't end there. PH is also a killer of sorts – he's killed people's reputations, killed people's privacy, killed people's good intentions. He's evil, plain and simple.

  3. Some of these housemates are idiots.  They are taking everything perez says as the gospel, no context no nothing….  It must not have occurred to some of them that he just might be mischaracterizing what some people said to suit him and his agenda.  Further, why is it ok (BB rule-wise) for perez to get away with some of the things he says, but others (Alexander for example) get called in and admonished?  I like Katie Hopkins, but if the British viewing public was half as smart as she thinks they are, they would have given perez the boot long ago.

  4. Perez is a Douche 100%, Katie Hopkins is a ankle 100%, I would gag Perez in a heartbeat just to get some peace and quiet, but Katie Hopkins constant hand gestures is deafening and blinding. Could someone please tie her hands together.

  5. The only brutally real person in the house is Katie Hopkins. Everyone else is trying to change the public's persona of them, or continue to keep the reputation they had when they entered the house as positive as possible, so anything negative they run from. Unless they get on the band wagon to only be real when acknowledging Hopkins' thoughts about how fake they are. By the way, how can you wash clothes with a filthy Perez sticking his feet in the water?! Gross.

  6. i cannot believe people are calling katie hopkins fake. perez is so obviously so much more fake than she is. at least she's constant with everyone, she isn't different around different people.

  7. If anyone in the world has ever watched CBB why would you go in the house to make friends? It's a freaking reality show with a winner crowned at the end. So it's sort of like a game show. Katie Price says she's in there to make friends. Yeah, right.

  8. Why do ppl get upset when they are nominated? It's to be expected. Keith doesn't want to make waves, so he rather take the easy way out – as far as nominations- and vote for HM's for mindless reasons. How many times will you vote for Kav for the same reason? And he figured the majority were voting for Nadia I'm sure. I know it's getting close to the end; won't ppl just say "your competition," instead of the asinine reasoning for nominating someone. It's every season, sheesh! I think it will be between Nadia and Keith. Perez & Katie are going nowhere.

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