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Celebrity Big Brother UK 2015 – Highlights Show January 26

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  1. If Perez really did walk then they wouldn't have nominations this week. But by having nominations this week doesn't that just prove to them that Perez didn't walk and is infact secretly watching them? Why haven't they put the two together?

  2. "I didn't do it for the money I did it to let people know who I really am" bullsh*t! You know why I call bullsh*t? Because Perez isn't showing who he really is. I've been hoping he would show us but it has yet to happen.

  3. it's kinda boggles my mind how Perez base his opinions and arguments on what comes out of Katie Hopkins' mouth. I mean, as soon as her nominations were up, Perez starts fuming. He was PISSED that she was stealing his spotlight as the shit-stirrer in the house. His problem wasn't with the other housemates. no, his problem was with HER. I mean she's mean and all, but so is he. They're PRACTICALLY two halves of the same coin!!!! That must be why he doesn't like her; she's Perez but blonde. LOL

  4. Perez is a monkey, eating bugs off his skin (unhygienic), jumping around and squealing, and annoying everyone around him. Why, give him the chance to be a "puppet master"? Do they really need the ratings that bad. The other characters in the house would have the opportunity to come alive with him completely gone. Hell, when he does leave, give the house a few bottles of champagne! They deserve it after having to put up with that mf-er!

  5. I once disliked Katie H so much, but I have come to have some respect for her which totally surprises me. Perez has a history of saying vile, nasty things about people – not observable "truths" or his perception of a truth about something but his were all out attacks on people and posting the nastiest gossip imaginable – most often at their most vulnerable moments. No one can dispute that he is a self-absorbed, manipulative, insincere, attention whore, can they?  I have a hard time criticizing the show – as much as I am SO disgusted with they're favoritism and manipulation – because I'm still watching the damn show!!! If I shut it off in a show of disgust for the unfair manipulation of the producers – then I can say whatever – but being a total BB addict…. I am hopelessly trapped just praying the "bad guys" (ie: Perez) gets his Karmic comeuppance!! lol

  6. I like Perez watching everything it keeps me from getting anxiety and can focus on other people and I am glad Patsy and Nadia got to have a little fun tonight but Cami-li pisses me off

  7. If this isn't Perez getting special treatment then why didn't Alexander get this opportunity when he walked? And also Perez broke the rules. He used an emergency escape and just went bat shit crazy in the house. This is just fucking obnoxious now.

  8. Me:  "cami li didn't you just go up there an nominate two people"

    Cami Li:  "Yes"

    Me: "then shut the fuck up, it's part of the game"

    That's all they have to say to her. What she thinks she's special and should not be nominated?  Miami Ho.

  9. I think it's disgusting to watch BB cater to these spoiled Hollywood brats like Perez.. Like they did last year to that pig Gary Busey and those evil twins Heidi and Spencer. This will be my last time watching. Of course he doesn't need the money, he's worth about 30Million. Why does the UK waste money on these pathetic excuses for human beings.

  10. FYI, Big Brother: Since we've gone all North American, the term "Chola" is every bit as offensive as the word "Negro".  I hope you deal with this in the same way that you dealt with the utterances of one Ken Morley.

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