Celebrity Big Brother UK 09/08/2017 Live From The House

Celebrity Big Brother is a British television reality game show based on the Dutch show Big Brother, created by producer John de Mol in 1997. The show follows …


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Celebrity Big Brother UK 09/08/2017 Live From The House

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  1. Please note this is LIve from the house after the eviction NOT the new episode. that's coming soon.
    Also channel 5 have filed a copyright strike against me so I'm not sure how long this is going to last. if my account disappears you know why.

  2. I thought Chad was very cocky at first. As time went on and he started to feel for Amelia I started to feel differently. Then he kinda just started to fall back and wasn't very active in the house. When he started to do that I don't even think ANYONE gave a fuck besides Trisha. In my opinion, for all of them to hop in his bed like that and disturb him and Trisha's conversation was just them being nosey and pickers. If you remember after Chad got put up, he said now I know to think about if people are asking because they care or if they just want to know. I think that's why he opened up to Trisha and when all of them came in there he was like nothing's wrong and idk why I'm upset. He knew exactly why he was upset. That's so annoying of them to just bombard like that.

  3. I only know a couple of these celebrities Brandi Sarah and one off x factor that has always looked a lot older than she is. They've had two traveller's on this show one won the celeb version and the other came second on non celeb England loves us really they just can't admit it 😂

  4. SO FUCKING ANNOYING how Sarah ALWAYS has to turn a normal or deep conversation into something about her and her career like dude who tf cares, let other people speak!!!! It's so irritating, and I didn't really notice she was like that at first but now it's sooo noticeable and annoying. Sorry to break it to you girl but it's not all about you, so please stop going on your long ass irrelevant trips about your past cause literally no one cares

  5. I am so glad Trisha is finally coming out of her shell : ) when she is secure and relaxed she can be really a good person to talk to. as opposed to the snap bad defensive chic initially. being out of her element was nerve racking I think in the beginning. while she isolated herself for protection a lot happened she missed out on. I think when ur such a charismatic person as she is, having the communication skills an ability to overcome defensive dynamics is valuable in sit's like this.

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