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Celebrity Big Brother S21E07 Day 5 Highlights (7/1/2018)

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  1. Andrew is my type kind of guy- besides him being gorgeoys, open minded and respectfull , he is secure in his sexuality and not macho alpha guy. I am the alpha in my marriage and I don't see anything wrong with it. I am extremely pro equality , so I dont mind doing construction/renovation work at home, do taxes and paperwork or fixing my own car and driving my husband because I got the license and he has not. I do carry furniture and not just light boxes and I am ok to admit if something is too heavy for me. So Andrew is very very refreshing to watch . Even my husband was not so chill and afraid of something outside of stereotypes, but slowly I changed his mind or smoothed the rough edges 😁
    I am Still watching this only for Courtney , because reality tv is not my thing , but also because I never would have imagined that much diversity on reality tv show like big Brother so respect for that.!
    Still extremely dislike people like Ann or the victim mentality of India, but this is what makes a good show. So respect for Big Brother again.

  2. I actually enjoyed watching Ann and Shane having a conversation, Ann may seem rude or very harsh but I thank that's just her personality and her being very straight-forward. It didn't feel uncomfortable watching them, except for when India was piping up….

  3. I believe in the holy bible. Marriage is between a man and woman put together by God. How will people exist if marriage was intended between male to male and female to female? It takes male and female to produce children.

  4. Thanks for these uploads. I live near the Grand Canyon and can't get much tv signal. Loving Shane, Malika and Andrew, even though I've heard who wins. Reminds why this show has remained popular for so many seasons.

  5. Marriage is combining two opposite sex in love to produce necessarily while enjoying each others company in a tie marriage…and bring up their production which is children in human beings…same sex may interact for enjoyment far from what marriage is all about…Love each other and multiply thats marriage…

  6. Omg, the more I watch CBB the more I dislike Ann. Why is she even here, honestly? All she does is bringing the mood down and making everyone feel self conscious.

  7. i feel a lot of sympathy for india. to live your entire life in a world thats murdered and hated women like her must do tremendous harm to both your psyche and sense of self. its clear she has a lot of self esteem issues to work out. for her to go through that while its broadcasted internationally must be insanely hard. i think everyone needs to have more patience with her. her being upset by comments housemates make isnt just her throwing a tantrum, its a reaction caused by an entire life faced by ignorance and hatred. xoxo.

  8. Andrew was sweet to Ann he seemed to be one of the first housemate to make her truly smile. An now I can assume that politically correct Ann weakness most likely is an attractive younger man lol.

  9. ann is a true hypocrite she sat there on day 1 saying that if an actress was attacked sexually by a producer or director all she had to say was no and it was their fault but then she wants to bitch and moan about the guys "going through pain" when the guys could just say no hmm hypocrite

  10. I love how Courtney did her research before confronting Ann about her voting history in Parliament, and can we acknowledge how she also correctly identified a logical fallacy in Ann’s argument? That’s some intellectual arguing there.

  11. Dude, Ann’s reason for nominating Maggie was from this episode, but Maggie wasn’t laughing as much as the rest of them. Plus she was coaching the guys through and talking about how the pain of labor is. The whole point of making men take the pregnancy pain simulator is to give them a taste of what their Mum’s went through to bring them into this world and what their wives (or surrogate mother’s) go through to bare them a child. To view it positively it’s an act of humility and gratitude for the sacrifice women make. I actually thought Maggie brought the most positivity to that challenge, it’s a shame that went over some people’s head. I suppose I can sympathize that Ann has never had children and might not be able to grasp the subject and I still appreciate her character on other levels. Wish the public kept Maggie in because I would have loved to hear her story more and see this great example of a human being blossom more on the show. It’s a shame, but she did leave her mark and I love how Dappa gave her a shout out! Two class acts! Here’s to Amanda for the win!

  12. She might not be eating her boogers , but, Ann reminds me of a female John Maccririck. Everything out of her mouth is disagreeable. Other than being there for the money , I see no reason she could have to be there.

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