Celebrity Big Brother – I Just Don’t Have It In Me Anymore

Shannon has a hunch she’s next on the block and James tries to get her head back in the game.


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Celebrity Big Brother – I Just Don’t Have It In Me Anymore

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  1. I think Shannon & James know that then are going on the block because no one look her in the Eye
    then want James and Shannon to stay Away from ARI

  2. My fear is that at the end of the competition people will realize Omarosa constructed this WHOLEE scenario. She was waiting for Shannon’s group to turn on her and they have. She’s slowly creeping into their group and before you know it, she’ll be making different alliances to try and pick off people within the group until there’s no group at all, and then she’ll eventually win. Hopefully Ross or James or anybody else does something to take her out before that happens.

  3. Omarosa is such a witch. Always plays the *cough* victim. She tries to twist words. She isn’t a competitor. Honestly, James and Shannon are the only competitors in the game right now. Everyone else either wants to go home or floats from alliance to alliance.

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  5. Who is attacking you, this is a game when u were telling everybody that y’all should get out Keisha n Omarosa what did u think would happen, stop crying n play the game

  6. chuck then shannon .. the 2 biggest celebs in the game and the only ones that i know are out already . . this season sucks the rest are nobodies besides metta. everyone else are just old reality show contestants and journalist and nobodies. hopefully next season they get more actors and legend athletes

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