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Celebrity Big Brother CBB S20E09 (1080p) Day 8 Highlights (09.08.2017.)

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  1. sarah needs to go the fuck home. talking about people being insecure in themselves so thats why they patronize her. no shes a cry baby little bitch who always plays the victim. ew. lol i cant stand her.

  2. I fuckn can't stand Gemma or whatever her fuckn name is…she's two faced and thinks she's so hot when the truth of the matter is she's as ugly as fuck with her fake lips..fake boobs and her fake ass personality

  3. Trisha quit n left the house 😞😞😞 I was only watching for her but come on this is so disappointing… she didn't even try… she could have had so much fun.. I'm bummed she left 😞

  4. When Sarah is in the diary room she acts like the victim but she gets on everyone else because she is jealous and into herself but yet she says its everyone else. I also think she should realize if everyone is against you,you might be doing something wrong.

  5. SARAH sucks. She's playing the victim card. All she does is howl in the diary room and makes us public feel sorry for her. Whereas she's the one who causes the drama and trying to isolate someone and so instigating. I hopeeeeee they vote her out. Im sick of her drama. I HATE SARAH, Period! Who's with me ?

  6. Ghost shit is BS. Sarah is bipolar and needs serious medication. Jemma had every right to engage in conversation. Sarah just went off on her and wouldn't let Jordan or Jemma say one word. Jemma had a lot of willpower not to bitch slap Sarah. Then Sarah has the nerve to go in the DR and bawl and whine that they were attacking her. Get Psycho Sarah out!

  7. Gemma gets under my skin. I'm cordial about Sarah, but I can see why she reacted defensively to Gemma and her shitty comments. Gemma had no right interfering in that conversation, escpecially after Jordan tried to explain his own feelings himself multiple times.

  8. and NOW Sarah is acting up for no real reason….i get what she was saying about Jordan and them, sometimes the others can't keep up with how high energy Sam and Jordan are, but she really got personal and dismissive in the fight with Jemma

  9. When they were talking about how Trisha is only famous on the internet I thought it was so funny cause I'm only watching this for Trisha and I don't even know any of the other people besides Brandi and the old lady from absolutely fabulous

  10. Am I the only one who finds Sarah and Amelia almost completely insufferable? Amelia acts like a little girl. Why she thinks it's cute is beyond me. STOP FUCKING WHINING. Sarah, meanwhile, is completely neurotic. Her mood swings are exhausting. I was so confused when she snapped at Jem… what was that? Then the tears… she needs a mood stabilizer. I CAN'T.

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