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Celebrity Big Brother 2006 – Day 20 – FIGHT NIGHT!

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  1. EXPLOSION! MB is correct, george has patently went on the offensive, either to show the others up to the public/make himself stay in. Or hes venting because hes nominated. Hes the self obsessed one projecting onto everyone else.

  2. pete,dennis,and george are the most shittiest people in the house im erasing his shit songs from my music library im glad he's dead,dennis is a dirty washed up has been nigger perve
    and george is a fuckin betrayer he should have been taken out with sadam FUCK ALL 3 OF EM

  3. I loved this series but was very disappointed Rodman didn't get plugged at the exit door.. Pete burns who's the only guy who couldn't even make himself look better changing sex. Bet he's looking good where he is now. Haha. Worm food ya freak.

  4. WHO….. in the fuckity fuck, can fucking watch the fuck out of this POS fuck turd of a show? Have we fucking hit the fuck-pit of bottomless shit eating trash BS MFing fucktwat shit to sit and mind-fucking poison the fuck outta our fucklick of a brain….??
    Sincerely, Please sing in if a fan……
    WTF is that FUGLY gender dont know WTF skull scratching THING??

  5. I always come back to this episode. I remember feeling so sorry for Jodie. And then feeling sorry for Michael in this episode. However, watching it again I must say that however vile George was; Michael should have walked away instead of going on and on about himself. Pete made a very interesting point.. Michael still feels sorry himself and digs his own grave.

  6. Bloody ridiculous freak Peter Burns was. Talking about alcoholics wanting attention is certainly calling kettle back in his case. Anyway, Barrymore' s still alive today where as Pete's not.

  7. The nasty three – Galloway, Dennis and the T.V. – are shown up as the creeps they all are.
    They're furious with themselves, because of the way they misinterpreted a scenario that was fulfilled for their fucking benefit, so they go slagging off all the others.
    And Galloway is a chicken-shit, because he thinks he's in an environment where no-one is gonna smash his face in for being so unbelievably illogical and rude – which is what they'd have done if he'd said it anywhere else. Coward George – I used to admire you, but you're a cunt. Well done for showing him up for what he really is, Barrymore.

  8. Plain and simple George started it all. Two simple yes or no questions.Q.1 Did you read the rule book. Q.2 Did you break the rules. All of it would have never happened, if George would not have said what he did and break the rules. It was great tv but extremely childish. George is everything selfish he said about Micheal. N E one disagree. Love to read it.

  9. George and Pete made a great pair.
    Pete burns, no matter what opinion be about his looks etc, was an extremely intelligent, astute and articulate character-and the scouse accent just made that articulation all the more delicious to hear.

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