Celebrities React To ‘This Is America’ Music Video by Childish Gambino

This episode is multiple celebrities talking about how they perceived the newest Childish Gambino music video for “This Is America”! The celebrities in this video …


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Celebrities React To ‘This Is America’ Music Video by Childish Gambino

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  1. Damn Charlemange you a dumb ass and missed the point of that. And even if he wasn't going for black on black crime what difference would it have fuckn made?! You one of them ignorant fucks.

  2. I hate Charlamaigne so much with his racist bullshit. I am white and watched the video and when I saw him kill those people, that was it. Someone killing others. I didn't see a black man killing black people. I fucking hate that bullshit so much, it's like this passive aggressive racism and demeanor he has against whites.

  3. Black man get your money: this may represent reparation for slavery, America has robbed black people and he is telling the black man to get their money.
    How the gun is handled in a better way than the deceased.
    Then you have all the crime and violence happening, gun laws, school and church shootings.
    The march that happen every so often and how it becomes violent.
    He shows how easy it is for some people to kill and walk freely like it's the norm.
    Suicide happen
    Use of technology these days with mobile phone how people are glued to it.
    The white horse may represent white supremacist.
    All the dancing, latest trends, rap (money), snapchat filter (am so pretty) these are being used as distraction. Young people get caught up in these things not paying attention to what's happening around them.
    Warehouse pretty much looks like prison cell.
    Very symbolic video, at first you will not notice all that happening cause u distracted by the dancing watch it several time you pick up so much meaning.

  4. It can be read two ways. Yes we do have black on black crime. Another way it can be read, he is America and he is showing us things America has to offer. White killings not taken serious when its done to us then carefully handle the weapon like no crime here folks, move along 👀 TF! Deep

  5. Charlemagne wants to get away from the Negative stereotype of black on black crime? That’s literally what the video is portraying, let’s look away from the problems in America and talk about other things like the new dance move.. charlalmagne is a fool

  6. imo introducing different race into that video would imply racism of some kind. My guess Gambino wanted to show gun violence and media facade without racism being the biggest problem.

  7. I like that it was Gambino that shot the choir…Because WHAT DOES COLOR HAVE TO DO WITH IT? SOMEONE SHOT A FUCKING CHURCH COIR! Who cares what color any of them were! I'm sooo tired of that shit mattering in America in 2018! It's been thousands of years people…We should be smarter as a Human race!

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