CBB 2013 Day 3 – (Celebrity Big Brother Sun 25 Aug 2013)

CBB 2013 Day 3 – (Celebrity Big Brother Sun 25 Aug 2013)


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CBB 2013 Day 3 – (Celebrity Big Brother Sun 25 Aug 2013)

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  1. I see Lauren as being fake! She didn't trust Carol, and that's the first person she spoke too when everyone was around and Courtney was her closest ally and she put her up!

  2. Have you noticed how each year, all these girls with hair extensions glued in their head, they are always digging at their heads, they look like they have bugs the way they dig in their hair.

  3. Why is bb asking danielle if she thinks she got nominated  because her housemates dont know her well enough?  Whats that got to do with it, because as far as danielle knows its the puplic that have voted for her …fail bb

  4. Courtney is such a sweetheart, and so is Lauren. On a side note, Courtney's breasts are a full time Job! And they look like they are painful as well. Not worth it, thanks though.

  5. Courtney is a liar. The BIGGEST modelling agency in WA state (where I've lived all my life) is SMG, (Seattle Model's Guild) My mom was an agent there for 20 odd years, and I spent a lot of time there when I was a kid, and Courtney was never signed to SMG.. If anything she was apart of NW Talent (which is not a modelling agency). She is so fake.

  6. Honestly…what do guys think of Charlotte? She tickles me and all, but do guys find her disgusting? I am only wondering. And that Sophie is an insufferable know-it-all

  7. Exactly, cynibend. That's why i said that we as American's can learn a lot from UK in the way that BB is conducted. Rate boosting is ok, but at what cost? It's ridiculous every season in the US.

  8. It's kind of a plastic surgery gone wrong horror show. It's sad no one has the courage to tell them how terrible they look. Those boobs bigger than her brain, lip implants and who knows what buried in that model's face, the untrimmed triple thick fake eyelashes actually are a relief because they come off at the end of the day. Who brags about sex on camera, wetting their pants, etc? BB should be required to spring for a psychiatrist to live there with them.

  9. I agree. But as an American, I have to tell you that the feeling here, among feed watchers, is that they purposely cast these awful people and encourage their disgusting talk as a way to increase ratings. It started in Season 7, All Stars, when the guy who went on to win said he wanted the most popular girl gang raped and murdered. Following year, guy who won called everyone horrid things, c word flying… Then the next trash talker won but went to prison, as did No. 2… It's ugly.

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