Brazilian, Leg & Body Waxing: My Experience, FAQ + Tips! | VICKYLOGAN

People always ask me about getting Brazilian waxing, leg waxing, etc., if it hurts, how I do it, where I go, and my overall experience with doing it! So I’m here to …


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Brazilian, Leg & Body Waxing: My Experience, FAQ + Tips! | VICKYLOGAN

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  1. Does anyone have any tips on discoloration from shaving in the bikini area I've been waxing for years and I'm still very darker in the bikini area?????? My waxes don't last me but 2 days I need help nothing works for me I'm beyond a hairy monster!!!

  2. i just wanna share my experience. I just had my first Brazilian done at EWC. I was so anxious. I looked up the reviews to make sure I found someone who was good. I am SO glad I want and it wasn't even as bad as I thought! it was all in my head! it literally wasn't even that bad. I loved my lady and I plan on coming regularly. thanks for this helpful experience Vicky. 💜 tryna be fine all summer '17 baby!

  3. A little FYI, asking for the "best" is not a good option either. You honestly have to just try people because I've been referred to the "best" & they are NOT the best. Or my friend may like someone & I won't. You have to find someone that works best for you. Asking the GSA for the best is very awkward because no place has the best. All the waxers are trained the exact same way. It's all about personal preference.

  4. I went to the ewc yesterday for the first time. my experience wasn't bad but it wasn't great either. I got a Brazilian, armpits and lower legs waxed. I am a trooper 😎. when I got home I realized I still had hair in my butt and under my punani. 😠. I don't want to go back right now…so I'll just wait till next time.

  5. One word.. GO!! I was so aftaid to go so I finally I went for the first time to EWC & it was a great experience! I haven't worn shorts in years or change in front of my friends!! Now I can. Iam so ingrown hair prone & once I went, I haven't had any ingrown hair problems! The skin is so smooth & pretty I will never touch a razor again! Also get the EWC serum is great.

    & btw, I told them Vicky sent me 🙂

  6. Prior to me switching to waxing, I would use a combination of coconut oil and shea moisture soap to wax my vaginal area. First I would moisten the area with water, then put tons of coconut oil onto it, then lather some soap onto my hands and rub it on the area. The oil provides some slip and less friction. I liked using the shea moisture soap because of the natural/organic ingredients and the extra moisture it provided. I would also shave my vagina in a downward motion oppose to an upward motion. For some reason the vagina is VERY sensitive to shaving in an upward motion and will cause more irritation and bumps. With the technique and products I used, I was smooth and had an even tone down there without red bumps and ingrown hair. Now I just wax because it does make the hair thinner and lasts longer.

  7. I wax and use the epilator but I've never waxed my vaginal area because it is super thick and it will hurt and bleed. I tried it once and it bled a lot but I'm trying it out next week without chickening out.

  8. The first time you got a Brazilian or bikini wax down there did they get all of the hair? Or where some areas stubborn? Because I went today and I got Brazilian and full legs. The woman was very nice and not awkward, she sounded like she knew what she was doing, but at the very end I look at myself and I'm red and bumpy where there isn't hair and I have quite a bit of hair that is left, I was suppose to wear a bikini this week but that's not going to happen now, I will go again to see if it gets better but so far I'm very upset and let down😞 I thought I was going to be hairless and smooth

  9. Thank you VICKYLOGAN, you are a heaven sent! I'm 27 years old and it seems like the older I get, the more body hair keeps creeping up. I have tried to go the cheap route, but my body hair is just not having it anymore. So I'm definitely going to try waxing. I pray that I'm able to take the pain.

  10. I went to European Wax Center and they incorrectly charged me for a service I did not receive then they said no refunds in the original form of payment only store credit. 😤😤😤

  11. Vicky, this video was so helpful! You definitely have convicted me to give waxing a try. I hate shaving and I have to do it multiple times a week 😩. I want to be silky smooth. We have the EWC where I live and I am going to try them out! Thanksss.

  12. I would like to tell you thank you so much for this video. I am also very hairy and have also been embarrassed about it all my life. Your video was very helpful. I love your other channel. You are a great inspiration keep doing you hun. luv ya!

  13. I loved this video. I checked out the website because I'm going on my honeymoon to orlando next week, & they do sell their products online. just a heads up. and I will mention your name when I go, so that you can earn points!

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