BOTOX® for Masseter Reduction | Before + After | Jaw Reduction + Tapering Reviews – Beverly Hills

BOTOX® expert, Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Donald B. Yoo, discusses BOTOX® for masseter reduction. Also known as jaw reduction with BOTOX®, or the …


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BOTOX® for Masseter Reduction | Before + After | Jaw Reduction + Tapering Reviews – Beverly Hills

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  1. Hi Mr.Yoo.
    According to mri results my bone structure is pretty symmetric but due to birth defection my right cheek is smaller than the left one. So my face is asymmetric, my left masseter is bigger.
    Can i solve that problem by doing botox for one side?
    Can you do that if i come to you just 2 times in a year? (i live in turkey but my friends suggest you they love you 🙂 )

    Also i have chewed gum with right side and i realised that right side is getting bigger. I didn't know that chewing can make masseter hypertrophy but now thinking about chewing more and more to make it bigger.
    Is it healthy?
    Should i do that? What do you think about hypertrophy due to chewing by one side?

    Thank you and see you.

    Ps: i have also have some problems about my nose so i will meet you but i wonder those questions above, we can talk about that face to face but i would really glad if you answer now also.

    See you.

  2. Hello Dr, I was wondering if you knew about transferring the masseter muscle for facial paralysis patients. If a masseter muscle is transferred , can it be reversed and put back or is it not reversible ?

  3. Hi Dr. Yoo, I have been diagnosed with TMJ disorder. I ground my teeth a lot when I was a child. I am not sure if I still grind my teeth or not, however I have terrible pain in my jaw muscles when I try to chew or talk. I was fitted with an orthotic to help with my bite and have been wearing it constantly as recommended by my neuromuscular dentist. The pain that I have is in my jaw muscles but the worst pain is behind my eyes/ brows. When I palpate or rub my massetter muscle, I have the same pain radiate up to the same spot I have my eye pain and sends me through the roof! I know that with TMJ disorder you can have pain behind your eyes as one of the many symptoms and was wondering if you thought this procedure of Botox in these muscles would help with the pain I have been experiencing for years now? Thank you for your time, and will look forward to hearing back from you!

  4. My muscle of the lower 3rd of my face was always something I never liked much. Also That muscle tenses up a lot and bothers me and I was surprised to hear all the info matches myself. Sounds like I'll have to give this a go. Thanks for the video

  5. Hi Dr Yoo, just wondering are there restrictions on lying down/sleeping straight after having botox in the masseters? I have heard conflicting theories on this, some say it makes no difference, others say the botox can diffuse into other areas and this can affect the results.

  6. Hi dr yoo, I heard if it's injected incorrectly or slightly too high or too forward, it will affect the smiles and the jaw movements to make it paralyzed, is that true? And will the Botox injection result an uneven face?

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