Big Brother Canada 6 Updates & Spoilers 04/08/18

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Big Brother Canada 6 Updates & Spoilers 04/08/18

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  1. Thank you Maddie. I used to work for a firm whose tagline was: "Thank You P***W*****" which I always thought was a little much. Back then I thought that the firm with the tagline "When E.F. H**** talks, people listen" was much cooler. Then the Original "Wall Street" movie came out, where Michael Douglas plays a character named Gordon Gecko who used inside information to game the system. Then to make matters worse, he gave a speech that explained why "Greed is Good". After that, the whole idea of "people listening" sounded a little bit too much like they were conveying "inside information". While most of those taglines got washed down the drain between a stock market crash and industry consolidation, I decided that at least being presumptuous about clients saying "Thank You" was not a felony. That was a preemptory tangent. My point is back when I was younger than Maddie, the broker who received unsolicited calls to do business was called "The broker of the day". For the most part, the "broker of the day" calls generated very little business. However, there was the one guy who got that one Broker of the Day call that just single-handedly made that broker very successful. However, the fool was so dependent on that one client that when the client passed away, the broker didn't bother telling the firm and just kept churning the decedent's account. Ultimately, the corpse was found and that broker was drummed out of the business.

    Suffice it to say, I have been the HGOTD a couple of times and while it is always pleasant to hear one's name with a nice "Thank You, Kenny D", it reminds me of my old firm with the tagline "Thank You. . . " and rather than the firm I think of Gordon Gecko and the broker who was so greedy that he couldn't stop churning his client even after the client had passed away. Maybe, this is why I love BB. It reminds me of the lengths people will go to motivated by greed. They can say it's for their cute kid or to repay parents for their sacrifices, but it is greed nonetheless. Of course, Gordon Gecko did make a few good points when he gave his speech about why "Greed is Good."

    Anyhow, assuming Ryan goes home of the nine HG's remaining the threats from top to bottom from the Hg's point of view should be Erica, Johnny, Kaela (because she can't help but brag about her athletic ability), Will (because of his image and his son), then Liv & Maddy (who both have potential to win comps) and at the bottom of the threat barrel are Paras (2nd Place in Feel the Burn), Ali & Derek. That being typed, the top three are prime targets for the kind of last-minute renom that ended Hamza. Of those three, I see Johnny best poised to survive to final 3. From the middle three, I see Liv most able to get herself to the Final 3. Then from the bottom three, I genuinely believe that Paras is the most underestimated comp threat and may well be Johnny's second choice for the goat he wants to sit next to at the Finale. BB Canada seems to me to generate more mixed Final 3's than BB US where three people who worked together to get to Final 3.

    Johnny, Liv, and Paras are all lone wolves to a degree. Johnny trusts no one and will cut anyone to make it to the F2. Liv doesn't give any f's (maybe because her family has money and to her this is TRULY just a game). Finally, Paras may not be the most trustworthy but who wants to sit next to someone who is trustworthy. She does cast a bit of a spell over some of the other HG's to the point where they believe "she may lie to everyone else and throw them UTB, but she clearly trusts me." You can also use the rat reputation to enhance the likelihood other HG's want to take you to the F2. She needs a couple of clutch comp wins, at least one week OTB where she pulls a Vanessa type survival move, and then if she does make F2 to be able to sell herself without sounding either to cocky or too humble. I suspect that Canada will at least have a jury vote and with some good late game edits, Paras could get that vote. She and Johnny are being much more diligent in their jury management tham Liv or most all the other contenders for F3.

    I did pick Keven for BB Can 5. I also rooted for both Godfrey and Sarah on BB3. don't think I've picked a winner on BB US since Dan G on BB10 (I was also all in for the Donatos). However, I came close with Dan on BB14, Derrick on BB16 ( was less of a pick than a recognition fo reality), Vanessa on BB17 was robbed, Snakole on BB18 (don't even) and I did have Christmas on BB19 making at least F3 (which was very much a minority position after she broke her foor).

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