BEST & WORST eBay Cheap Makeup BRUSHES // Reviews & Comparisons // DYNA

Find out which eBay brushes are a hit and which ones are a miss and my favourite cheapest brushes on the internet in my ▻ YES! OR HOT MESS?! video here!


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BEST & WORST eBay Cheap Makeup BRUSHES // Reviews & Comparisons // DYNA

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  1. I hate jessup brushes. I went.and bought from authentic jessup seller, which are like 4 of them on ebay. After maybe just a 4months the brushes started to fall apart, the hairs.coming out more and more and of all the set them.survived still from the face brushes. They eye brushes are not really.that soft especially for.blending.or anything like that. So i would agree with u that they are more.face brushes. I also.have real tehnicques dupes.and i love those. Never after nearly 2 years of use come out but i do agree that they do.not have that ideal great foundation brush, even they do have one.of.them that i do use for a foundation and i like it. So this is my experience. 🙂

  2. I've got limited vanity space and budget. If I had to pick, should I get the aliexpress purple brushes, or the jessup brushes? or is it worth it to pick both? anyone has any thoughts?

  3. Hi. I like the way you do videos compared to a lot of other people because i they are very informative and you dont seem fake. And i love that you do videos on lower cost items because lets face it, a lot of us probably can but more expensive stuff but why pay more when you dont have to! Right? Lol. Well thats how i see it anyway. Then i can have more stuff for me! Where are you from? I mean like nationality i am just curious. It doesnt matter. I speak more than one language so i am just curious. Thanks again!

  4. This video is super useful, and I'm really looking forward to your in depth brush videos.
    I was interested in the Jessup brush sets before watching your aliexpress 14pcs set video.
    Do you recommend the aliexpress brush set more than the jessup 15pcs set?

  5. Great video, as always! I wish you do the extend review soon, I'm pretty interested in making a beginner brush set. Have you tried the aliexpress zoeva rose-gold brush set (dupe)? I'm in love with the design but I don't know if they're worth the money :/
    Stay flawless and funny! I love your videos<3

  6. I have so many brushes it's crazy but found Jessup brushes if not look alike on Ali express for a fraction of the price the purple ones you had considering buying them in white and the real theques 15 peice even though I know I don't need them haha if it's not eyeshadow or lipstick it's brushes for me

  7. You're fab. I sometimes buy stuff because you review it, find things and check out swatches you've done or buy items and find you review them a week later 🙂 Bought the white Jessup brushes a month ago and they've been fab xxx

  8. You have a lot of brushes. :O I have the Jessup set and I'm using most of them daily. The second set looks beautiful. .

    Dyna, do you have any recommendations for great eyeshadow brushes on ebay? I recently bought a huge set. I think there were 18 brushes but most of them aren't good. I need better blending brushes which are smaller. Most of the ebay blending brushes are too large for me.

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