Best Eye Makeup Tips & Tricks: Lower Lash Liner, Shading Outer Corner + Other Effects

Think of this as an in-depth “class” that covers basics that I always use; the core concepts to improve any eye makeup look. It’s a comprehensive tutorial with …


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Best Eye Makeup Tips & Tricks: Lower Lash Liner, Shading Outer Corner + Other Effects

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  1. Thank you so much for your video. I found it extremely informative and precise on make up application. This is one of the best make up tutorial videos that I've seen on YouTube. It was direct to the point of the true art artform and science of make up application, without the fluff . I greatly appreciate it. I learned a lot thank you. I love how you explain the lengthening of the eyes with the eyeliner application as well as looking out the soft delicate lines to enhance the edges of the eyelashes and eyelash shadow very helpful.

  2. I watched this video a while ago and was left with some of the ideas in my head… I didn't hit the like nor subscribed… From the last 3 days(after an year) I was crazily searching for this(with all the wrong tags like smokey eye, make lashes longer, eyes bigger etc) this is the best ever video made on eye makeup In this search I did watch tons of other videos but none of them was this descriptive.. Love you .. Thanks :* xoxo

  3. I just discovered you on Youtube, and I am so glad I did! I used to apply my makeup the same for many years. It wasn't until I was in my 40's, that I started wanted different looks, stepping out of my comfort zone, whether it meant trying warmer shades on my lids, or trying a neutral look, but still making it classy. Don't get me wrong, I still love my sparkles, but I realize I can accentuate my looks without having to always add the glitter.
    I am glad you mentioned the fact of NOT connecting your top and bottom eyeliner, as so many Youtuber's do. I started second-guessing what works for me, just because of the trends I was seeing on Youtube. Some people just don't look good in a long cat eye, or defined brows, or excessive lower lash eyeshadow. I also really enjoyed your blush video! Thank you, keep up the great work!!

  4. Thank you so much for making this video. It was so much more like a class, than a "copy me" tutorial. I always thought I did something wrong when I'd fill in my brows after doing my eye makeup because suddenly everything looked harsh and weird. Now I actually understand why. Probably one of the best sure makeup videos I've ever seen, and I plan on sharing it. I can't wait to try the tips either. 😁💖🙏

  5. Such an awesome video!!! I totally L❤️VED it!!! Im always looking for tips to make application more enjoyable and not a dreaded task!! I don't think I have ever watched a video that made more sense than this one! How Super Sweet of you to share this with the world 😊 I am 100% certain you made a HUGE difference in the daily lives of so many women! Thanks Gorgeous 💋💋💋 Im excited to have Subscribed!

  6. the tip I liked is when you mentioned that it's okay to go back and change stuff…like it's not just a series process and then you finish. I used to do my brows and whatever else in a series and that's it…never went back and make changes unless it's really bad of course…so Yea, thanks ☺ you made me feel a lot more comfortable now when it comes to playing with the make up

  7. I never thought of how each step of your make up can directly effect your last step or your next step! When I think about that now I can remember specific times when that was happening and I just didn't understand why my make up looked off. Best tip of the video I think. I feel like that tip sheds light on the big picture of make up. Make up isn't meant to be seen as individual parts, it's meant to be seen as a whole. And if you use that perspective when doing your make up you will have more seamless results.

  8. Thank you, I needed this. I kinda tried to put liquid eyeliner on my waterline, and I ended up with getting it all over my eyeball so it turned grey and hurted so much, and wait this happened for 10 minutes ago so I'm here to learn from my mistakes haha

  9. wonderful video! I've watched it many times! Did you know the outer V change –> A is similar to "straight-line" technique also demonstrated by Wayne Goss and Rae Morris. Love this video!

  10. Great tutorial! Can you give me some advice on how to line my bottom lashes if my skin gets oily during the day? No matter what liners I've tried ( from inexpensive to $40 pens / pencils) I always resemble a raccoon by the end of the day. : (

  11. Excellent video.  You are also very beautiful.  I'd be really really interested in seeing you working on maturer eyes with a real life older model.  I have some sagging on the outer corner of my right eye (but not so much on the left) and have no idea how to manage it.  I

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