Best Eye Makeup for Pale Skin

Best Eye Makeup for Pale Skin! Everything from best nude liners to best eyeshadows for pale skin, fair skin, & porcelain skin tones. I hope this line up of best eye …


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Best Eye Makeup for Pale Skin

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  1. I finally tracked down Guns and Rose Petals. It's so pretty!!!!! It's so fantastic that you're Australian – products that I can easily buy make watching so much better (and more expensive!!). Thanks for your amazing videos.

  2. I'm actually having trouble finding a foundation… I'm very very pale and am not sure what undertones I have. I used to be a redhead but when I turned four my hair started turning really blonde, not sure why this happened but oh well. Anyway, I have lots of freckles and don't tan whatsoever. I also wear tons of sunscreen and relatively stay out of the sun, therefore I am not pink. I know for sure that I do not have pink undertones, but I'm not sure what to do, here is my problem. In some lightings, I look very neutral to pink, and in other lightings, including the sun, I am extremely yellow, not even neutral is yellow enough for me and if I use a neutral my face looks burnt and orange compared to my body. Because of this, I don't know what undertone to get, or even if they make things pale enough for me. For example, I was using the hard candy glamoflauge concealer for a long time but I noticed that when I went outside or in certain lightings inside it looked extremely orange and pink, even though it's not a very orange concealer and doesn't oxidize. I'm very confused, and could use some help. Thanks!

  3. I think skin tone does effect the eyeshadow I wear. A lot of bronze shades look orange on me, and dark smoky eyes can be scary looking on my pale skin. Also pale pastel shades don't always show up as well on fair skin

  4. Maybe like a revisit of old palettes?? Like the too faced chocolate bar, tarte tartelette, the naked palettes, etc! I really loved this series!

  5. I have loved this series so much 🙂 Thank you for making it! As for a future series, I did have one idea — how to adapt certain makeup trends to suit pale skin. Obviously there are so many makeup trends that are popular, but they can be harder to pull off depending on your skintone! For example, I know that reds and pinks are very popular colours for eyeshadow, but I personally find I can look a bit sickly unless I choose the right colours 🙂

  6. The series was great Arna!! Videos were always so clear and informative. I had an idea for a new series. What about a makeup looks for pale skin series. Such as the interview look, bridal look, wedding guest look, simple work look, date night look, everyday look, party look etc. Xx

  7. I have a few ideas I would love to see a best of cruelty free products for fair skin that way us that are totally cruelty free makeup lovers with fair skin have more options. Also best products like foundations or skin care for other skin types now I know you cant exactly know how well something will work on a skin type you don't have but you can use the vast untapped knowledge of all your followers use your social media to get suggestions and just list off the best according to your followers. Lastly a best of indy brand makeup.

  8. I think it depends on not only paleness. The level of the contrast is important as well. If can be pale, but have a bright physical appearance with a black hair and brows. In this case the perfect makeup would be different. I am like you – pale and low-contrast. So for me your look as perfect model)) But I know the other type of paleness)

  9. I find your tutorials and product reviews really helpful because they are very detailed and very relevant to my skin. I'd like to share with you and your followers what I've found good as a 49 year old woman with pale skin, lots of freckles and pink undertones. I initially purchased the Stilla wind up pencils and they are beautiful. I also found NYX windup pencils are a dupe for the Stilla. These are superb on crepey eyes of older skin because they are soft and can be smudged during application but set and stay all day. I've had my eye on the Two Faced palette with the neutral tones. I do have the Two Faced Cutie Palette and use Ice Cream Cutie just about every day. There is also a taupe shimmer and champagne shimmer which I use heaps. In the Nikki Two Faced palette I use Pain quite a bit and love the blushes and highlighter. I have found, in contrary to popular belief, that I can where bright colours on my eyes, it just has to be carefully done. The really dramatic eye looks are harder to achieve than on younger skin 😊

  10. Would you try doing makeup on other people? You could demonstrate various looks on people who have different skin tones, hair colours and age groups. You could also do interviews with other pale skin people about their challenges with makeup xx

  11. Hi Arna! Thank you so much for all your wonderful makeup videos for pale skin! I have been a huge fan for several months now and while I'm sad this series is ending I am very much looking forward to whatever series you decide to film next! You mentioned you were looking for suggestions for new videos so may I suggest a career look (makeup, hair, and outfits) series. I find many tutorial videos these days are a bit too bold for school/ professional settings or just us girls who prefer a more subtle and classic look. Again, thank you for all the wonderful reviews and tutorials, they are beyond helpful! Much love from Canada!❤️

  12. Oh, just had another idea–I would love a series from you going through decades-inspired looks updated to be modern, aka, a modern twist on a classic 1930's look, but going decade by decade. Most often people do really unwearable vintage/decades inspired looks and I would love to see how you handle it!

  13. I loved this series! I would love to see your take on "unwearable" things–like an odd coloured lipstick or eyeliner. Usually you show us really great classic looks so it would be interesting to see your take on something more avante garde 😉
    Edit: Another great crease colour/contour colour for pale skin is Bobbi Brown in "wheat". I've gone through so many haha

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