Beauty Hacks and Tips for Eye Glasses! + Where I Buy Affordable Frames & Lookbook

Here’s the offer I mentioned in the video! Sign up at for 50% off + Free shipping: (Free basic lenses, premium and marked down frames…


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Beauty Hacks and Tips for Eye Glasses! + Where I Buy Affordable Frames & Lookbook

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  1. my main struggle is when I am infront of a camera and I need to shoot something for my channel. the reflection of the light on the lenses is just so annoying! i feel like i need to only wear contact lenses while i shoot something but then again..

  2. All those pairs look so good on you!

    I usually have trouble finding (sun)glasses because my face is so tiny.. I love the oversized trend but I just end up looking like a fly. How do these compare? Do you think suitable for small faces? Thanks!

  3. thank you so much for doing this video! I've been asking so many beauty youtubers to do a video about glasses for so long. I really appreciate the make up tips, I had pretty much given up on the eyeshadow because I felt like no one could see it, so this really helped

  4. Thanks so much for this! I prefer contacts but during allergy season I rock glasses and need a new pair. My prescription is -6.75 and -7.25…. I'm a mole person

  5. How many Dioptrien do you have? Because everyone say "uhhh im so blind, I have -1" and then I'm there like: I have -6, I AM NEARLY BLUND. 😂

  6. One time I was smoking a cigarette (I know, shame on me) and I took my glasses off as they were smudgy, so I blew the dirt off and then put my glasses back on…. with my cigarette still in my hand, and I burned the ends of my fringe. >.<

  7. If you have high prescription strength lenses you're probably already expecting it, but there is an extra fee for the lenses. It can go up to an extra $90 for the lenses.

  8. Another thing people can do is use those magnifying mirrors to get ready. They're a little bit expensive, but spending 20 – 50$ seems like a good investment to me if I don't have to struggle with my makeup all the time.

  9. These tips I'm going to tell are a little bit unrelated, but they'll be useful to people who wear specs in day to day life. If your eye numbers are stable, invest in a good looking pair of glasses and lens. Crizal makes them best in my opinion (Asahi is sub par) Choose a lens with anti glare coating, that way the bright lights won't reflect in your glasses and you'll be able to rock that makeup look.

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