Bartender Chat: Hair & MakeUp Tips [REQUESTED]

Hi Rockstars! This week’s video is another bartender chat viewer request and it’s all about Hair and Makeup! And I’m collaborating with my bartender bestie Sasha to give you guys some…


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Bartender Chat: Hair & MakeUp Tips [REQUESTED]

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  1. A guide from the job seeking office I visited said it's unhygienic to use jewelry or nail polish smh I don't think it actually applies in this job I see almost all bartenders who put themselves on fleek with all that shit

  2. Hi, RockstarBarGirl!  I just finished watching this video and will definitely be taking your advice.  I found it helpful, especially because I usually tend to go super light with makeup and don't really wear any foundation or other heavy cosmetics.  So I will be focused on getting that perfectly clear skin, upping my water intake and slapping on a good pair of falsies.  I also watched your "What's in my bag" video and learned SO MUCH!  I never even thought about the things I'll need to have with me behind the bar, so definite thumbs up on that one.  I was wondering if you could do a video that focuses on bartender style…especially for women.  A video that focuses on appropriate styles of shoes to wear, casual vs. formal attire for the bar, dos and don'ts with style, i.e. appropriate perfumes, nail polish, jewelry and appropriate attire for interviews…would really help.  I'm so used to boring office jobs, so I'm a little clueless in this area.  Again, I appreciate all of your advice thus far.  Moving on to the next video! 🙂

  3. I'm getting into bar tending .. and know nothing about it. I just know I want to do it. I'm from north jersey. I'm pretty young. But what do you think a good rate would be to charge for bartending at parties ?

  4. Thank you for touching upon this! I just got my first bartending job and the uniform is so awful lol. I needed to make sure my hair and makeup was on point everyday! Thank you thank you thank you!!

  5. Hola locas! Thank you so so much for all your tips! Subscribed! Keep it up. We need youuu!

    Question: how do we politely "swerve" pick up artists, or just creepy guys in general as a bartender?

    Start my first gig this weekend, wish me luck.

    Love & Tacos from San Antonio, Tx.

  6. You girls look beautiful!! Hey Aly, I am going to start planing on doing private party's. I am a real estate agent here In RI, but I love making drinks and bartending so much that I want to do party's on the side. So I was wondering seeing that you're taking request : ) would you be able to make a video just about doing private party's? Setting up, best approach, how to make big tips, and so on….Love your videos, Thanks!!

  7. great tips !. if I'm not mistaken I think she said she has oily skin so she doesn't really moisturize.. nomatter what, u have to because then the skin will produce more oils. and for the camera to focus on an item you might have to put it closer with your hand behind it with nothing on the side showing that way it will only pick up on what your trying to show. idk I'm jus saying. but great video and tips

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