‘Assad,’ but not ‘Putin’: Adidas allows customization of sneakers, but list of banned words baffles

Sportswear giant Adidas allows you to customize your sneakers by emblazoning words of your choice on them. But what exactly one can put on a pair is subject …


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‘Assad,’ but not ‘Putin’: Adidas allows customization of sneakers, but list of banned words baffles

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  1. Amazing! There should be a reward for anyone who could find any pattern in that.
    But, the 'no islam' on shoes is understandable coz they obviously don't want their stores attacked. Years ago in India we had a stupid controversy regarding islam that no one would've imagined. The Captain of the national Cricket team (who are always among the biggest stars) gave his autograph to a fan (probably a young boy, may be non muslim) on a shoe & was criticised (may be some fatwa against him was issued) by idiot muslim leaders (I doubt regular muslim fans would've cared) coz his name is 'mohammad' which of course was written on a shoe as his autograph. He obviously had to apologise for signing his own name on a shoe as an autograph for a fan. Since then I realised it's not a very easy religion to live with.

  2. Western companies ridicule Putin however it is Putin that has always extended his hand to make peace with the West this no one can deny and Russia continues to search for peaceful dialogue with the West all the while continuously being disrespected.

  3. The gay issue! Gay is gay the Jew 🐀s would buy 👉💩 if they could sell it!!!! Putin not so sure abt gays get abused over there rumptheCUNT nah!

  4. What about telling ADIDAS to fuck off and to stop been assholes fascists , all adidas do and still doing is ripping peoples pockets off for a pair of tennis shoes made by little kids and / or womens in Malaysia or Taiwan , every poor country where the labor is freaking CHEAP

  5. Strange….Putin is the same kind of dictator as Assad, even worse so why his face is banned? I want sneakers with Putin's face on the sole of the shoe….

  6. Adidas will print lesbian, but not gay? Perhaps, the German company has amnesia about what used to openly be sold at magazine stands in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland….lol

  7. yesterday I celebrated the 5 month anniversary of US forces neutralizing over 200 backward russians in Syria on Feb 7 …..I had some ground hamburger 🙂

  8. the 1st one is to say last president bad so this one will be savior. the 2nd is that savior will make peace with Assad showing Russia backed out.3rd is to throw you off.4th is unholy alliance with the state of Israel. 5th is the betrayal and over throw of iran.6th confirming the genocide of palistinans.7th gay just sounds bad but we gotta keep you homosexual. petty in sightful thank you.

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