ARTIS Makeup Brushes Review! Best Makeup Brushes in the World!

Hola Todos 😀 please subscribe for more videos 😀 Mirror finish elite collection from Artis brushes! This is their entire collection and is phenomenal!! I hope you find this review helpful,…


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ARTIS Makeup Brushes Review! Best Makeup Brushes in the World!

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  1. Great review iv been eyeing these for so long and the price is crazy but i want them so bad! Looking around to see everyones review to see if there even worth the purchase..Thank you for your honest unsponsored review! just subbed 🙂

  2. @valeriana102 I asked for these for Christmas after seeing them in a Health magazine and jumping on here to see reviews. It was love at first click. I was looking at the set of 5 but forgot to verify that on my Christmas list, lol…whoops. Well, I about peed myself when I opened up this set of 10 Christmas morning. I knew how much they were for both the 5 and 10 set so I just gave my hubby this look of " No you did not!!!" He said he figured it was cheaper to get them all now than for me to go and buy them separately if I found out there was one I needed and didn't have. He knows me to well. I still felt guilty for 2 days after and thought about exchanging it for the set of 5…than I used them and used 8 of the 10 and though…K, I will keep them. I know some of them come in nice velvet boxes but for some reason this one from Net-a-Porter came in the same box you have. I also wish it would have come with the cleaning pad for as much as it cost. For now I'm using my MAC brush cleaner and a paper towel but I don't want to ruin them so I'm on the hunt for the cleaning pad. Supposedly Dillard's is going to start selling these brushes and the pad. Right now it's just Neiman Marcus which I have one near me but hate going to that part of crazy town, lol. Glad you were lucky enough to also get your hands on these amazing brushes. I wish I would have known about them years ago.

  3. +elena more hi girl!! I hope you see this, Youtube is not letting me reply to your message 🙁 to answer your questions, mine came in this box and look very well made and no glue on the sides 🙂 

  4. Hello Valeriana, I liked your video lots, in fact this convinced me to buy them, I bought gthe on ebay because for me that was a way to get them sooner, sadly I think that they are defective, hope you can answer my question, did your brushes came in that box? or is it one individual box for each? does your look well done? mines have glue on the sides

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