Andrew and Shane’s relationship | Day 20 | Celebrity Big Brother 2018

Daniel raises his concerns with Shane J and Andrew over their intensifying friendship, but clearly there’s nothing to worry about. It’s all love in the CBB house.


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Andrew and Shane’s relationship | Day 20 | Celebrity Big Brother 2018

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  1. i will never have a relationship like that. The other would have to say ot me that he want something serious, i believe andrew is straight or bissexual towards women than men, i dont think this will last long unless shane accepts him falling in love with a woman , coz far as i know to Andrew thats just a "Bromance". As a gay I would not lend myself to that role, i always separate feelings when i know a straight/bi guy , i would only have normal cold friendship. Relationship to me has to be stronger than a fantasy or a moment, it has to be REAL.

  2. Wait. So when I watched this show years ago, peanut butter and jelly was like the bare minimum given to house guests. But now they have wax to remove hair just for the lulz? Isn't that a luxury item? Also, this relationship is fake. Shane is definitely catching feelings.

  3. Beautiful couple (pridehotties or pridehottie, either way) , that's for sure and beautifully obvious as well!Creditz! 💎🌈 👬🌈 💎 🔥 ☺️ 😊 😉 🤙 ✌️ 👍 🤘 💪

  4. Some of the best relationships … in life .. have been between Gay Men and Straight women. We are in a new age . I think Straight men and Gay men can have the same kind of learning experiences. We are all all a community. If we don"t realize that . Don't know what to say .. a little scared

  5. I love this friendship. I love how the house pointed out it might not even be a gay thing maybe Andrew cares for Shane regardless of gender or sexuality. I really hope that Andrew is genuine though.

  6. Can't help but feel Andrews using this as a way to look accepting to the public and win him votes. In the beginning I loved their friendship but when he was up for nomination I saw him hug shane and look around him for the cameras. Also past episodes they've not had as much airtime so low and behold he's more touchy feely and wrestling on the ground for attention.

  7. The other housemates need to get over this smh. It's been 20 days and they've said they are friends 100 times – leave them alone! This is why gay-straight friendships don't work, there's so much pressure to keep saying 'no homo'

  8. Why are some comments saying how Andrew might be playing Court or Courtney wants more? Why can’t it be the opposite? This is Courtney’s 4 reality show and she’s much older than Andrew… I can guarantee she knows what she’s doing

  9. I'm so torn about these two. When their friendships/fondness for each other first started a couple weeks ago I was obsessed and loving it/them so much. The two of them together are still my favourite part of this series of CBB, but that being said, the longer time goes on the more I start to question everything, like Andrew's motives and if he's being fully genuine/real. As a gay guy myself I think it's obvious and fair to say that Shane J has feelings, either romantic or sexual or both, towards Andrew, and the only reason Shane keeps saying they're only "friends" is because ANDREW keeps saying that almost every episode. I appreciate Andrew's open-ness and his ability to be THAT close with a gay guy and I know he has affection for Shane and attraction to Courtney. But at the end of the day Andrew is constantly making it clear that he only sees Shane as a friend. Why then does he always flirt with Shane, play fight with Shane, sit with his arms around Shane cuddling him, etc. if he's "just a friend"? Either he's too scared to admit his emotions and his attraction, OR he's leading Shane on. I'm a little skeptical, and I'm hoping that Andrew isn't just doing this to win over fans or to be seen as an open, "good" guy. I just don't like when guys play with other people's emotions/attractions, so I just hope that Andrew isn't doing that to Shane.

  10. Not only do I adore their friendship but I love how encouraging and supportive the housemates are of it.
    Dan checking to make sure they're on the same page so that no one would be hurt is kind of adorable.

  11. I like how the housemates are seeing this. No matter what the status of the relationship or their sexuality, they both do look like they have a lot of love for each other, it's sweet!

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