Amazing Upcoming Gay Movies

This is a collection of upcoming gay themed movie trailers. ———————————————————————————————- if you like my channel please consider…


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Amazing Upcoming Gay Movies

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  1. Those who have long lived among the Pidaras say that they are secretly ashamed of their sin and try to amaze with all sorts of tricks. They think to themselves: "Yes, I'm a fag." So it turned out – what to do now … But maybe I'm a genius fag! Suddenly I'll write amazing music! Will they dare to speak badly of a brilliant musician … "And that's why all the time try to come up with new music, so as not to be ashamed to continue fucking each other in the ass. And if they did it quietly, in a specially corked place, then everyone would be just as indifferent as the fact that they are fucked in the ass. But their music has to be listened to every day, for it's bred everywhere. And therefore we do not hear the wind, the sea, nor the rustle of leaves, nor the singing of birds. But only one and the same empty and dead sound, which they want to surprise, launching it into the sky from different angles.
    It happens, however, that the musical set-up breaks from the fagots. At such moments, hurry to listen to the silence.

  2. something like summer is a good movie but i dont like the scene when he was singing dont know why!?… i dont know if its a sad ending or what!… one of the guy died…

  3. An examination 15 movie pictures of gay themes of 2015/17 offers a detestable image of the contemporary picture of the issues of the relationship between gay protagonists by contemporary cinema. On these 14, 3 only have an happy-ending. They are French and one American have an happy-end but the protagonist has no relationship with another guy (« Closet Monster », 2016). The conclusion is that a gay relationship always is impossible.
    – Departure (2015) – separation + may be suicide ?
    – Call me be your name (2017) – separation
    – The center of the world (2017) – separation
    – Quand on a 17 ans (2016) – happy-end
    – Die Geschwister (Krüger, 2016) – separation
    – Les amants de Caracas (Vegas, 2015) – separation (manipulation, denunciation, after having pushed the young protahgonist to a crime)
    – Teenage Kicks (2016) – separation
    – Bizarre (2015) –separation
    – Beach Rats (2017) – separation, loneliness
    – Heartstone (2016) – separation, sequestration by family
    – Hidden kisses (2016) – happy-end
    – 120 battements par minute (2017) – HIV but happy-end (no separation)
    – Closet monster (2016) – happy-end but no relationship
    – Théo et Hugo dans le même bâteau (2016) – HIV and separation
    – Esteros (SP) – Happy-end

  4. God's Own Country was absolutely beautiful. The photography, the settings….an English version of Broke Back Mountain. Story line was also very good. Five Stars.

  5. Such sweet movies. As if I've ever had luck finding a guy who actually wants to get to know me that way. That's how you know it's a movie. This hookup culture doesn't have many love stories. Just Grindr and tinder. Lol

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