ALL The Celebs Who SUPPORT Kanye West After Pro-Trump Tweets

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ALL The Celebs Who SUPPORT Kanye West After Pro-Trump Tweets

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  1. Ebony Russell YOU ARE THE ONE THAT SOUNDS LIKE A DUMB FUCK! you're just like all the rest of the lost sheep in the heard of celebrity Hollywood BA BA BS BA Gtfoh you stank ass hoe. HA!

  2. If anyone doesn't think that Maxine Waters screaming impeach 45 impeach 45 and Peach 45 impeach 45 and Peach 45 every time that she gets up to a pulp it isn't f**** mental illness and that Kanye West speaking out for his own beliefs is mental illness is mentally ill

  3. I don't care if you agree with what he's saying or not you should be standing on your head for his right to say it because when they come for him first they come in for you next you morons… and guess what there's going to be nobody there to save you stupid asses

  4. I think it's disgusting what they do to Kanye West he's allowed to say and think whatever the f*** he wants to and I will only purchase albums from anyone who supports him or him and anyone who doesn't support him or him I will not purchase s*** from

  5. The people who unfriended kanye west are the the ones who are brainwashed and have a mob mentality cant think for themselves so they dis kanye cuz its what Hollywood and the so called famous morons do cuz like kanye west said they have a slave mentality but kanye west is the only decent man to say no i think for myself not for your mob of slaves well done Kanye we love you dont let these morons get you down your the man who is a free thinker and they are not

  6. Fuck all an everybody that agrees to enslavement big UPS to Kanye fuck Rihanna Nicky Mina j Travis Scott all them stupid ignorant mfs that's y y'all was inslaved cuz Yu mfs don't think for themselves lay down an take that me fucked up go have to kill me that's my choice

  7. The last bit about Kanye loosing followers is of course total bullshit and his friends haven't unfollowed him. Clevver News full of shit as always.

  8. He just needs attention because Kendrick and Drake are overshadowing him. He is a sociopath who needs attention everyone please believe it that he would easily go the other way. I am not a democrat or republican but I am human enough to know that you have the power to make a change and instead you take attention. I hear what the extrostulist are saying about being an independent human. I am a fan of Fredick Neicthz read about the Zoroastrians that is where Voltaire and real philosophers talk about breaking free from mental slavery. Hats off to Charlamagne Kendrick and Drake for representing. Love for real Brah use your brain.

  9. When in the history of humanity, has the Truth been readily available and valued? The Truth has always required excavation from the abyss of cunning deceptions, lies, misinformation, and propaganda. A small percentage of men and women of diverse ethnicities, have challenged the "mob" mentality, and at times sacrificed their lives for the truth. Candace Owens, Kanye West, and others, are ushering in a cultural paradigm, of independent thoughts and respectful disagreement, if your beliefs or thoughts differ from theirs. The "blue" pill of the Matrix, is to be anchored to a confused ignorance, and the "red" pill, awakens the conscience, the portal to the spirit of wisdom and understanding. This is the "road less traveled".

  10. How is supporting Trump worse than supporting someone who exposed himself, played “hide the cigar” inside a 23-year old intern,(while President) whose spooge was found on a blue dress and who actually RAPED someone??!!! BILL CLINTON did ALL OF THE ABOVE, yet Liberals, the media and brainwashed dumb-asses supported (and still support) Bill Clinton and that crooked-ass, lying, cold-hearted bitch of a wife of his who have stolen millions of dollars in aid from the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere (Haiti)

  11. Done wit Kanye West done with Chance the rapper no coming back from this when the white supremist Trump turns on your asses after he uses you to get what he want's don't scream OJ and want to be black again

  12. KANYE be brave you have spoken out and you have drew a line and you stand against the masonic luciferan devil worshiping music industry. Stand in the Light of the World Jesus Christ. They have an eye on you, but the eyes of the living Lord God has his eyes on you. He will give you refuge you are in his hands. The 144000 and the seal of them is a upon you. All who have an ear let them listen, Kanye is sealed with the blood of the Lamb all who stand against him stand against our Father. For a friend of the world is an enemy of God. You are a child of God. The Kingdom is near March to Zion the seal is in the city of David, never forget what I say.400 years a slave if they would only do the math they would understand. But they are a sleep Kanye you are awake. If they had wisdom to understand they would know you are talking about slaves to the luciferan system for all of humanity. The world needs to wake up!! WE ARE ALL SLAVES!! The puppets will rise against you and talk with words that lack knowledge and they will darken our Fathers council. Brace yourself while they talk through ignorance. Save as many souls as you can from this luciferan system of souls, but don't loose yours. The world rejected Jesus when he gave messages they were not ready to understand, so the world will reject you. I am a man that speaks through his bride. Fear God not them stand in the Light of the World. Remeber we are not of this world, a child of God knows are home is in Heaven. You will always feel like you are different, for you are. We come from the Light, we are not the Light of the World but we are the lesser light. Be strong child of God. The ones who hide from the truth are living a lie. These words are true. Your brother a servant of Jesus Christ, RahaShalah

  13. GO LISTEN TO Jonathan Miller's You Tube – Kanye Used the Media to Broadcast a Hidden Message! Jonathan understands what Kanye is saying – – WE ALL – white, black, all colors/races/religions, etc. ARE CHOOSING to be controlled by the "media" which is totally controlled by the HIDDEN "POWERS" – you can call them globalists, elite, illuminati, satanists – – they ARE in control of the earth – driving it to the place it is a one world government/economy/religion for the antichrist to come and rule. OPEN your MINDS! Slavery was for 200 years – BUT blacks, and ALL of us are STILL CHOOSING slavery ! ! ! – WE DO NOT think for ourselves ! ! ! Kanye has BROKEN the MKUltra mind control that has been holding him prisoner/slave ! ! ! BE FREE ! ! !

  14. @Chance What exactly have you seen that is positive coming from the Republican Party and Donald Trump, particularly where we are concerned? I just don't understand it.
    We may not agree with everything about the Democrats, either (more alike than different) but the Republican Party showed it's true colors during the Obama Presidency. What a disgrace, and I haven't forgotten.
    I'm a "free thinker" too but I don't loose touch with reality while trying to think differently.
    What we need is a third party.

  15. All I can say the comment he made had me puzzled for a second. Then I think on it without using my emotions and speak on opinions. I’m a black conservative I have logical opinions I may agree on some of the things but it has to be proven facts and if I or anyone else didn’t get the information across then it just shouldn’t be spoken. However I think Kanye West wasn’t malicious of his statement and he may be on to something. I don’t think he’s crazy he’s just to early for his time. He’s entitled to have an opinion this is a free country and we have freedom of speech. Don’t just attack the man because he’s speaking on how he feels. Have a 1 to 1sit down and talk to him without the media maybe he knows something that the rest of us don’t know and what we’ll be facing in the near future. That’s why he’s friends with Trump🤷🏾‍♂️

  16. So let me get this straight, a man puts out his personal opinions and other celebrities unfollow him? How childish seriously that’s 12 year old maturity right there. Pathetic.

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