ALL ABOUT: MAKEUP BRUSHES — Top 5, Storage, Cleaning, Etc!

Tips n Tricks — 1:02 Top 5 — 6:52 VIDEOS MENTIONED: Antihaul #13: IMATS Vlog: IMATS Haul: …


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ALL ABOUT: MAKEUP BRUSHES — Top 5, Storage, Cleaning, Etc!

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  1. Girlfriend- I have some dupes for your beloved Urban Decay brush. If it's the smaller end you are wanting a match for check out the Real Techniques Starter set. The Elf small precision brush may also work. I have 1 of the $1 ELF brushes that is also the same kind of thing. I'm not sure which it is since it doesn't have a name on it. It might be the concealer brush.
    It's funny how that's one of your favorite brushes yet mine hasn't even been removed from the palette. I hate double end brushes so if they are ones I'm interested in or like I pull the ends off and buy a cheap $1 elf brush to mount it on.

  2. My way to clean makeup brushes is a tall container, hot water, a drop of antibacterial dish soap, a drop of white vinegar or alcohol. Worst case scenario, astringent and if truly gross, a capful of bleach. Be certain to rinse very, very well. Store upright to dry.

  3. Uhhh excuse me while I go run and grab several of those ELF brushes. My eyes are small and I have yet to find a crease brush I'm really comfortable with for the size of my eyes. I gave up a while ago. Their eye contour brush (another black handle one) is probably my favorite brush I own. I can use it for anything. If I had to do a whole eye look with one brush, hands down it would be that one.

  4. Miss Kimberly don't freak out but I've got news for you… YOU'RE GOING TO BE HUGE!! People like me who just got so sick of the world of beauty lying guru's. And the drama channels that we are finding out are lying to us too, are going to fall right into your lap! Just like a mom right after your first horrible breakup! Now is your time. Mark my words and try not to get full of yourself. 🤑🤑🤑 You are so beautiful!!! I need to be your best friend. Like can you pick me up this Friday for some old school fun?!??!? Watch Game of Thrones together?!? 😵😵😵 And I'll help you do your subtitles too….Later… Lol

  5. THAT URBAN DECAY BRUSH IS THE BOMB! I use the flat shader to put product on my lower lash line or highlight under my brow and I use the small side to do my inner corner highlight! It's so good for such a small brush!

    Shipping for the s120 is almost $45 because I live in Canada. Can I justify buying other Cozzette makeup because shipping is the same no matter how much I get. (By the way this happens all the time for us Canadians – we can get 1 wet and wild hilighter and pay $35 shipping, or we can just get a shit ton of stuff to try to spread that shipping out over multiple products)
    I think it's definitely an excuse to binge shop, but if we didn't we would not get anything from certain companies who charge an arm and a leg for shipping (free shipping over a certain amount is like a unicorn if you are shipping internationally)
    Love you 😘😘😘

  7. I feel so validated in my brush storage choice of an old glass peanut butter jar and an old glass jam jar!!! I learned a lot in this video as well which is so nice because I have been wanting to increase my brush knowledge for a long time. Thanks so much! Really happy that I recently discovered your channel :).

  8. I bought one of the JMB palettes from UD, and it's decent. BUT BUT BUT – the brush that comes with it looks like the one you love. And I know exactly why you like it, it's freaking amazing!

  9. hey kc, hope you are well. i just was wondering… your last anti haul supposed to be uploaded today didn't for some reason? i wanted to watch first thing in the morning but it didn't work. xx

  10. I'm intrigued by ELF, especially since it's difficult to find an affordable cruelty free brand, but I do worry about the ethical side of the company. Like, how do they make the products so cheap? Are they the cosmetics equivalent of a fast fashion brand? I would love to hear your thoughts 🙂 xx

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