Accutane Makeup: Tips & Routine

Hello loves! Bump this sucker to HD WOOO! Sorry this is so longwinded. I tried to even speed stuff up and whatnot (go funky imovie music!). Hope some of this is helpful to you all looking for…


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Accutane Makeup: Tips & Routine

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  1. Oh my goodness Steph, this video gave me absolute hope. I'm on Accutane right now for a third round (yes, it's as frustrating as it was the first two times) but hopefully this time it works! I used to use the Lancome 24 hour foundation before going on Accutane and when my skin suddenly became super dry, it would always look cracked and flaky with that. After watching this video, I bought the Garnier BB Cream and have loved it since. Thank you so so so so much! I would love it if you posted a 2 year post-accutane video with the products that have helped your acne not come back. You are my savior! xx

  2. Hello! I just started Accutane a week ago and came across your video when I began having trouble with my makeup on severely dry skin. I ended up trying out the garnier bb cream you mentioned and I LOVE it!!! Thank you for the recommendation, so far I am really happy with it 🙂

  3. Omg!! U have helped me tremendously! I've started on accutane last week and I'm now suffering from bad initial breakout,dry skin and bumps. Thanks for sharing me your holy grails 🙂

  4. Ah I have no idea how to comment anymore! But to @cathysteria I honestly didn't need any blush while on accutane. You'll find that you naturally get quite red (sometimes to the point of needing to cover up the redness). Even 4 months off accutane, whenever I blush or am cold my cheeks get 10xs redder than they used too. But if you're looking for a good cheap blush Elf blush in Tickled Pink 🙂 It's a very light pink that will look nice blended up the cheekbone as well! 

  5. I use garnier BB cream for oily/comb skin in Light (just the regular, i don't think it has SPF) but it is my fav thing for the last year. I'm starting roaccutane next week and was worried about what to wear so at least I know i can keep using garnier! I usually put it on MAC studio fix powder after the bb cream but will prob avoid that while on the course of my accutane. I need to find me that beauty blender>
    WHat do you suggest for blusher while on Accutane? Should I find a cream one< I've never used one and have no idea how to even blend that it!

  6. Hmmm I know you're not supposed to exfoliate a ton but Sephora has this thing called Precision Pore Cleansing Pad. It's only $5 and I use it twice a week very gently at nighttime. Then slather on my Cetaphil Cream. Could be worth giving a shot :))

  7. I've had mine for around 8 months now. Def don't put all the product on the blender — I just put whatever is left on the creases of my fingers. I crazy wash it though like right after use and again before I use it the next day.
    No match yet from Mac yet 🙁 I'm waiting until I clear up a bit more before I get matched up! I'll let you know though!

  8. Wow this garnier BB cream does look great! U have convinced me, going to buy it tomorrow 😮 ^^ i was scared cause i got some alergies with an garnier moisturiser, so that BB cream doesnt have any scent?
    To remove ur makeup (espacially the colorstay) i recommand the Balm by clinique (take the day off) it is so great!

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