7 Style Rules For Students | Can A Student Be Fashionable? | How Can College Kids Be Stylish?

– Click Here To Read The Article – Can A Student Be Stylish? (It’s a great guest post by Mario Natella, who’s …


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7 Style Rules For Students | Can A Student Be Fashionable? | How Can College Kids Be Stylish?

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  1. http://www.realmenrealstyle.com/students-style/ – Click Here To Read The Article – Can A Student Be Stylish? (It's a great guest post by Mario Natella, who's father was an Italian Tailor for many years.

    Are you ready to up your style? Click here for the BEST style course on the planet! https://thestylesystem.com/youtube

    Video Summary:
    1:46 – Rule #1 Durability
    2:46 – Rule #2 Quality
    4:06 – Rule #3 Interchangeability
    4:42 – Rule $4 Use Vintage And Thrift Stores
    5:16 – Rule #5 Leverage Your Student Discounts
    5:50 – Rule #6 Take Care Of Your Clothing
    6:59 – Rule #7 Develop Your Personal Style

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  2. The salvation army is a Christian church by the way. Not just a thrift store. The thrift stores actually help fund our adult rehab facilities greatly, so when you buy stuff from there, you're actually helping a rehab center financially.

  3. well even wearing a good shirt with a good quality V-neck sweater is overdressed for university and i think others dont like that especially the professors since even they only occassionaly wear a shirt with blazer/jacket and never a neck tie, so there is no way i could really pull that off 🙁

  4. Antonio, I am a welding student going into college for an associates in welding and a bachelors in construction management, not a whole lot of options in terms of work wear, help me out?

  5. That thrift shop second hand clothing tips is GOLDEN! I've saved so much money and found amazing pieces of clothing in shops like that. Several shirts from brand names like Hugo Boss and Eton. Original burberry trenchcoat.. Such a good tip!

  6. In my country we have uniforms so we only wear fashionable clothes when we have party or whatever when that happens its hard for me to look sharp, confident my comfort zone is suit though i only wore it in prom and i loved it though i did not manage to pull it off to the fullest my hair and posture is one of the factors but thanks i like your contents.

  7. I don't recall a time ever where I was this concerned about the way I looked while in school. I was concerned with doing well, getting into grad school and being successful in life. I guessed my lack of concern while in school paid off. Have owned and continue to own a few properties, some businesses, ultra luxury cars, a collection of mechanical Swiss watches, closet full of 5 digit suits. But my favorite thing to wear is jeans with a t shirt. Just ask my wife who modeled when she was younger.The man makes the clothes. Not the other way around.

  8. I usually wear very formal clothes when i go to college (UK, so it's like the last few years of US high school before university/US college). I find that a lot of girls complement me on my shirts, which are usually extremely bold and often flamboyant (usually patterned). I'm actually considering taking the last step and swapping out jeans for more formal pants.

    It really makes a difference to how other people perceive you. Teachers offer you more respect, students look up to you. You get the odd guy/girl who will question your sexuality, but i've found that it's often because they're interested and checking that you'd be interested back, just in case.

  9. It's good to keep in mind that you don't have to buy your whole wardrobe at once. It's better to buy quality items over time than to fill your closet with inferior clothing which you may or may not use later on.

  10. Hello, Mr. Antonio! I'm a college student and I've recently been trying to upgrade my style. I'm looking to buy a new suit that I can use in college related events. I know the best would be for me to own a black one and a blue one but I don't really have a lot of money and I prefer to invest in quality, so what colour do you think will be the most appropriate and versatile?

  11. So I was just a sophomore in HS and people think of me as well dressed because I got a good haircut and wear khakis and flannels instead of basketball shorts and a T-shirt. Pay attention to sales and thrift stores

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