3 Style Mistakes EVERYONE Makes (Even Fashion Experts!) RMRS Video

– my friends at Frey have re-invented the way we take care of our clothes. Check out their incredible detergents and …


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3 Style Mistakes EVERYONE Makes (Even Fashion Experts!) RMRS Video

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  1. My advise: ALWAYS use delicate wash and low heat dry. There is rarely a case that they cant get the job done.
    But use high heat and power wash can make color fade, let white cloth catch other color and increase wear.

  2. Greetings Mr. Centeno, I want to change all my closet hangers. Could you recommend any of the hangers sold on Amazon? I need to purchase around 90 so I want to make a good investment that will last.

    Appreciate your help and shared knowledge.

  3. Very sound advice. Years ago my roommate at the time , a woman told me; always use cold water to wash your clothes and never put anything that fits probably in the dryer. She was right. Up til then I threw every together on warm and then tossed it all in the dryer on high.

  4. Hello Antonio. You might have seen that good dress shoe brands offer formal looking sneakers, in brown leather with a white sole. I was wondering if I could wear these to a job that has a dress code of business casual?

  5. I'm starting to lose count of the number of times I've looked at the lint trap in my dryer and heard you asking "what do you think lint is?…"
    however, in my case the answer is usually "at least 50% cat fur", so if I take my dress shirts out of the dryer early, or don't even put them in the dryer what am I supposed to do about all the fur? should I brush it before throwing it in the washer, should I brush it after I wash it before I iron it? I'm really not a fan of the smell of either wet animal hair or burnt animal hair, so there needs to be some sort of hair removal at some stage of the process, but I also don't want the laundry process to take forever.

  6. Anyway Antonio, the shirt in the thumbnail wasn't white because colour run won't change the colour of the buttons and coat the fabric so uniformly :p

  7. Another great and informative video. Do you think you could do a video on what you wear to some casual routinely things? I hear you always saying you dress your best daily, but I doubt you wear a suit to shop at Walmart πŸ™‚

  8. Just bought 3 blazers from H&M each for $50 and also pure wool about a week ago I was going to buy them but they didn't have my size good thing I waited. And thank you for the video this is perfect timing looked at the tags and I'll be taken them to the cleaners. Also got wool pants but need to look for the ones to match the blazers.

  9. Such a helpful video! Haha I've already destroyed many a piece of clothing and assumed the culprit was the cheap price I paid at the store.
    I do still have a question, if I don't have room to hang up all of my clothes to dry, can you also stack tee-shirts on top of a towel like you said to do with wool sweaters or will they get that gross muggy scent?

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