3 Beauty Tips to GLOW in the New Year! Hollywood Glam Squad New Year’s Make-Up Tutorial

I can’t believe it’s almost 2018! I wanted to share with you guys some beauty tips on how to get a flawless look in the New Year! Special shoutout to my glam squad (Hollywood secret weapons)…


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3 Beauty Tips to GLOW in the New Year! Hollywood Glam Squad New Year’s Make-Up Tutorial

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  1. Have you heard of Beauty Bioscience? They make the Glo Pro, which I had skin issues like you but it solved that, created collagen, erased wrinkles and is what I call “my magic wand”. It only takes 90 seconds. Also their products are in ROSE GOLD so how can you not love that?

  2. Hey Jenna, love the videos. You look gorgeous. I think the video jumped because we didn't actually see any of the makeup/eyes while they were being done. Also, can you PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE list the products that you use in every video? That's one of the most major and important things we look for when supporting someones channel. Love and all the best. xo

  3. Please don’t use filters on your videos. We are already living in a world of smoke and mirrors. There’s so many young girls and boys who see these types of videos daily and try to achieve this perfected image but they can’t because it’s a filter, it isn’t real. This is only causing harm to your image for the people who recognise it s a filter and damage to people’s self confidence. I’m a fan of you but please be a realistic role model, that’s what people need. X

  4. LOVE YOUR HAIR!  this is the best cut ever, it totally frames your face and you look much prettier than when it was long.  Keep this style, or go even shorter! 🙂

  5. You seem like a fun and nice person but the two people working on you for a new years glow seems unrelatable to someone like me…. You know people who cant afford some one elses help.

  6. Thanks for sharing some of your beauty secrets. If you can make one on your skincare routine wouls be amazing. Also if you can share step by step where we can see the detail process would be even better. Thanks for sharing. 💚

  7. Hello Jenna,
    I Have a question it has nothing to do with this video bit since you are a vegan and i want to make some changes on what I eat, I will like to know what do you used as a butter.. I've been asking other vegan YouTubers but I haven't receive an answer..

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