25 Diabetic Diet Food List | Diabetic Diet Food List Vegetables | Diabetic Diet Food list Fruits

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25 Diabetic Diet Food List | Diabetic Diet Food List Vegetables | Diabetic Diet Food list Fruits

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  2. Reliable and good info. All r healthy low calorie options and many of these provide a lot of other nutrients like vitamins, minerals, proteins and antioxidants inaddition to fibre for a balanced diet. Diabetic diet is not equivalent to zero calorie diet, and the above mentioned foods r good, just take care to avoid excess of apple, avacado, berries etc which do have calories though lower than many other food options.

  3. Diabetes, type 2……..all the high sugars consumed for decades. Keto diet has dropped my A1c very low, hope to stop metformin real soon….side effects that I have and didn’t know metformin might be the culprit. No apples, beans, carrots, cranberries, melons, oatmeal and soy…..very high in sugar. Rest of 25 foods are good for lowering blood sugars.

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  7. This video is a joke when it comes to diabetes diet. At least 11 foods out of 25 are high in carbs and will send your sugar level thru the roof. Yes it is heart healthy for a healthy person.

  8. There are some bad things on this list. Beans, apples, oatmeal are all high in carbohydrates. Instead of apples – eat strawberries. And for God's sake, do not listen to the diabetic association. Look up the Ketogenic diet. It reverses and cures type 2 Diabetes. Give it a chance and get off all your meds in a short time. It works. Look up Dr. Jason Fung here on YouTube.

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