120 Outfits From 14 Pieces Of Clothing | Power Of The Interchangeable Wardrobe | Men’s Clothing Tips

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120 Outfits From 14 Pieces Of Clothing | Power Of The Interchangeable Wardrobe | Men’s Clothing Tips

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  1. http://www.realmenrealstyle.com/ledbury-wardrobe/ – Click here for a chance to grab a $1500 outfit from Ledbury

    http://www.realmenrealstyle.com/build-interchangeable-wardrobe/ – Click here to read The Power Of The Interchangeable Wardrobe

    Video Summary:
    1:48 – "Register to win $1500 worth of clothing from Ledbury"
    2:33 – "Interchangeable Wardrobe Foundation #1 – Fit"
    3:02 – "Interchangeable Wardrobe Foundation #2 – Quality"
    4:21 – "Interchangeable Wardrobe Foundation #2 – Matching"
    4:31 – "Find your Individual Style"
    4:59 – "Texture"
    5:33 – "Patterns"
    6:19 – "Colors"
    7:03 -"Matching a clothing piece to your outfit"

  2. I'm not sure if anybody is still moderating this, but I did have a question. Is there any time that you can wear a polo shirt with a suit or sport jacket? I'm a young guy who's really bad at Fashion and and starting in the business environment and the normal dress is business casual so I don't wear jackets very often. Most of my wardrobe is jeans, khakis and polo shirts. But I would like to up my game a little bit and be able to pull off and nice sports jacket, and just don't know if it's possible to do this with a polo. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated! Thank you so much for all your wonderful videos, they have helped me so much!

  3. You know what! Antonio, thank you so much for the insight. This so helpful and a smart way to start on building a wardrobe. I am starting a company in financial services and I was thinking of how to brand my dressing to match our service offering. Thank you. You have helped me to know just were to start from. Cheers!

  4. Hey Antonio,

    Love your videos which I've been watching for a couple years now. I only recently stumbled onto this one as I'm in the market for a brand new, minimal and interchangeable wardrobe and found the style of shirts, jackets, shoes and ties shown in this video to be my exact taste and style. However when i went into the Ledbury site I noticed that they do not ship overseas and I am from Australia. Do you know of or recommend any stores with quality clothing like this in Australia or stores that ship worldwide from America?

    Kind regards

  5. I was thinking about pushing myself through style, being a very powerful and successful student in the 20s (I am 24 now); I got very negative remarks about my outfits(also no girlfriends), and I don't have the money for enough style yet. Antonio bro inspires me to really try something out of the box and still keeping it simple. Thanks for all of your videos. Subscribed to your channels and email newsletter. KEEP THIS GOOD WORK UP!

  6. Real Men Real Style is there a chart to view ALL 120 outfits that can be made from 14 pieces of clothing? I'm a visual learning & I'm having trouble seeing how I can get that many combinations. Are help is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance! Be Blessed!!

  7. About the textures. Whenever somebody acompanies me when I go shoping for clothes they have quite a laugh looking at me because I practically "shop with my hands". Seriously, even before I look at the colour, pattern or fit i have to feel the fabric; if it does not feel right in my hands I can't help an expresion of disgust popping up in my face. Great video!

  8. So I keep buying shoes from the same Spannish shoe maker real happy with all of them but I got a slight problem bought a pair of black calf mocka shoes I got no idea what to works with them. Its a totaly new texture for me so I am lost.

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