10 More Shockingly Rich Celebrities

While most would suspect that the celebrities on our list have amassed millions of dollars, many might be surprised at just how many millions they’ve managed to earn. Many celebrities on…


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10 More Shockingly Rich Celebrities

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  1. Reference Celine, you refer to her as a musician. This is not her profession. She is a singer. Would you call a non-singing drummer a singer?

  2. Regarding Celine D and her manager, I remember when men dating men was "icky" too. Perhaps some relationships work despite the age or power differences between them and it is not for other people to judge outrightly. However, if men or women use either of those two factors to manipulate someone; that is not just icky, it is wrong, obviously.

  3. I've always hated Judge Judy. I thought she was dead, but I checked Google and she's not. I bet her kids will stifle their grief while counting the money when she does… die, that is. I will always prefer the first, the best, the most professional, and the wittiest, Judge Wapner.

  4. I'm glad somebody finally said it– Celine Dion's husband/marriage was WEIRD! I mean, c'mon, she obviously married a pedophile (30 years older than her) who VERY likely groomed her to be only his. Heaven knows what else he did to her when she was still a child. The whole thing has ALWAYS creeped me out!

  5. I realize you are from the U.K. and live in the Czech Republic, but how did you mispronounce Gloria Estefan? You couldn't find anyone that knew how to properly pronounce her name?

  6. Hi, I just watched your video "Top Ten American War crimes".. you have some information wrong about the Gnadenhutten Massacre, as do most people. First, it's pronounced Ja-nate-n-hut-en . Second, 96 we're killed and two survived and escaped, one being my ancestor, John Stull. Third, the reason they were massacred was that some white settlers wanted a reason to steal their land so they planted clothes of a missing women from their group in one of the natives huts so they could blame them for the murder. They raped and viciously murdered 96 out of 98. One of the survivors were scalped and left for dead. The other was hiding out and they met up and escaped to a nearby town. This story has been white washed in our own town. Barely anyone knows the truth. Even the museum has the story wrong, at least according to what has been passed down through our family. Peace and love ❤

  7. Hnm. Interesting. And a little nuts- but an artist like Celine Dion deserves every cent. That lady works her [email protected]@ off for what she has, and is a really great person as well. And (laughing) I'd love Keanu to the moon and back even if he were broke 👍😉

  8. I've heard of some of these people but half I've never even heard of. I've never been a movie or TV show watcher, unless it was sports (none of them American) that I follow, or documentaries.

  9. When talking about the financial success of a movie let's remember this only equals what was made during it's initial theatrical run. A move like Jaws has now made billions of dollars since first released.

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